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Recon PFD Type 3

This neoprene vest features is fully sublimated graphics with internal belts, flatlock seams and self draining liner.

The two heavy duty 38mm belts will keep you secure and safe, while the soft foam makes it comfortable enough to wear all day.

The gussetted design allows for easy fitting for a wide range of people.

Fabric:  - Neoprene
Buoyancy:  - PVC/PE
- Marine  - Urban
- Desert  - Lush
Sizes:  - S, M, L, SL, SL+, SSL



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Comfort rating:       



Swimmers only, sheltered waters, help at hand, Limited protection against drowning

Body Mass 60kg & Over is a minimum of 53 newtons

certified to AS2260 Licence number 1204 

 Swimmer use

Minimum 53 Newtons

Certified Product




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Suitable for:

suitable for waterskiing suitable for wakeboardiing suitable for jetskiing


  • Recon PFD 3 Marine
  • Recon PFD 3 Marine
  • Recon PFD 3 Urban
  • Recon PFD 3 Urban
  • Recon PFD 3 Marine
  • Recon PFD 3 Marine
  • Recon PFD 3 Urban
  • Recon PFD 3 Urban

Recon PFD 3 Desert

Recon PFD 3 Desert Recon PFD 3 Lush

Recon PFD 3 Lush






  • Heavy duty internal 38mm belts
  • Reinforced stress points
  • Gussetted multi fit design
  • Self draining liner
  • Sublimated graphics
  • Lanyard attachment point