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Angler L50S Camo 

Sportfish L50S 

Gorge L50S Camo 

Trek Camo L50S

Gamefish L150

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 Gorge Camo L50S

Trek Camo L50S

Gamefish L150

Inflatable L150

 Deluxe Inflatable

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Sportfish L50S

The Sportfish is a our premium paddling vest for yak fishing.
We have packed it full of features with ample cargo pockets and 4 smaller pockets for managing your fishing essentials, knife holder, high back cut design to add comfort when leaning back in your kayak, and super strong sides and shoulders to keep you cool. The front zip and multiple side and shoulder adjusters aid a multi-fit design.

Fabric:  - 150D ripstop
Buoyancy:  - PVC

- Camo

Sizes:  - S, M, L, XL, XXL



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 Sportfish L50S  AS4758

Comfort rating:        



Body Mass 60kg & Over is a minimum of 53 newtons

certified to AS1499 Licence number 1425 

 Swimmer use

Minimum 53 Newtons

Certified Product




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Sportfish L50S
  • Sportfish L50S
  • Sportfish L50S
  • Sportfish L50S
  • Sportfish L50S


  • Heavy duty 25mm belts
  • Super strong sides and mesh shoulders
  • Expanding Cargo Pockets
  • 4 small fishing pockets
  • High Cut Back
  • Mesh Drainage
  • Front zip
  • Lanyard attachment point
  • Knife Holder


Slimline 15m throw bag

Proline 20m throw bag

Tow line



Hydration bladder 2 l

 Slimline 15m throwbag

 Proline 20m throwbag




Hydration Bladder